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A warm welcome to the Lighthouse Retreat Centre, a home for self learning and growth based on the practices and teachings of Raja Yoga Meditation of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. The Brahma Kumaris teaches Raja Yoga, a meditation practice combined with spiritual self-knowledge, as a way of experiencing peace of mind and a positive approach to life.

Here at the Lighthouse, we offer a range of courses to get to know yourself and discover a sense of meaning. All our courses are run by experienced meditation practitioners and are offered at no charge. The emphasis is on learning about the self and our core values, such as peace, strength and tolerance as well as how to live and work together more harmoniously in order to bring peace and happiness into our lives.

Thought of the day

To be courageous I must be prepared to be slightly outside the moral norms of society. Morality is an unwritten code of conduct dictating what is right (or acceptable) in a society and what is wrong (unacceptable). These norms change from society to society and from time period and generation, therefore how can they be truth? An unerring guide for truth can be found in my conscience, which is sometimes different than societal norms. Today let me be courageous and follow my conscience even if it takes me outside the norm.

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